RegTech Impact Ethical Principles are:

  1. HONESTY. Be honest in all communications and actions.
  2. INTEGRITY. Maintain personal integrity.
  3. PROMISE-KEEPING. Keep promises and fulfill commitments.
  4. LOYALTY. Be loyal within the framework of other ethical principles.
  5. FAIRNESS. Strive to be fair and just in all dealings.
  6. CARING. Demonstrate compassion and a genuine concern for the well-being of others.
  7. RESPECT FOR OTHERS. Treat everyone with respect.
  8. LAW ABIDING. Obey the law.
  9. COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE. Pursue excellence all the time in all things.
  10. LEADERSHIP. Exemplify honor and ethics.
  11. REPUTATION AND MORALE. Build and protect and build the company’s good reputation and the morale of its employees.
  12. ACCOUNTABILITY. Be accountable.
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